About Us

Sami and Sons is currently one of the largest family run catering equipment distributors in Northern England providing excellent service with experience of more than 20 years to public, trade and small businesses.

We provide services for a vast range of businesses from Schools, Prisons, Universities and Colleges in the public sector through to Healthcare Homes, Facilities Management, Restaurants and Take-Out businesses in the private sector extending into every type of accommodation and catering outlet in the hospitality sector, Sami and Sons covers a wide variety of client types with a fantastic breadth of products and an exceptional service level.

We have a vast range of products available to our customers with a vast showroom displaying products of both our brand and globally recognized commercial catering equipment providers. With products ranging from small everyday items to custom purpose built catering equipment, covering from A to Z of all catering equipment.

We provide suggestions, design, installation and repair services to all types of businesses and our qualified engineers ensure that all of the work carried out exceeds the industrial professional standard and ensures compliance with local and national legislation.

Sami and Sons is based and operates from Middlesbrough supplying both nationally and internationally and providing service coverage for the entirity of North East region.