MK203 Gas Doner

£930.00 exc VAT


Gas Gyros with 3 switches & 3 powerful burners. Motor is based in the bottom of the machines with very good inslulation to avoid any contact with grease. Spit`s Length: 75,5 cm. Possible to enter up to 45Kg of meat. There is electric plug at the body of the machine where you can connect electric knife. Small grease drawer collecter also is in the left side of the machine where you can throw out the grease while you working. The hall system of the heating is moving front and back and give the oportunity to cook small quanity of meat. All the parts are removable to clean it. Burner are haveing all the safety system and turn one with piezoelectric ignitor. The Gyros machines can be function in LPG or Natural gas.

48 x 54 x 93,5 cm

11,5 kW