Zanolli Teorema Polis – Bakery Oven 6 Deck T6 MC18

Model T6 MC18



The Teorema Polis electric, bakery ovens by Zanolli sum up the current know-how in the field of electronically controlled modular ovens.

Fitted with easy to manage controls with a programmable memory, a high quality structure and pleasing design. The durable stainless steel build ensures lasting good looks and easy cleaning.

Metal baking floors (ideal for trays) or a refractory stone floor (for baking directly on the sole) are available.

Designed to meet all production demands, these ovens can be fitted with steam injection, and can be supplied with a prover base.

The ovens are available with both high crown and low crown baking chambers to suit your product range.

Ovens are modular, so each deck is supplied individually. Ovens can be bought as a single unit or can be stacked two, three or four units high.

The ovens are built for use with metric 60cm x 40cm trays. The T2 ovens fit two trays on each deck, the T3 three trays, and so on…

Dimension 166x147x34

Power 13 Kw

Deck size 124×126

Tray Capacity (60 x 40cm) 6